Bill Abercrombie
President, Chief Executive Officer, Bushman Inc.
Bill Abercrombie | President, Chief Executive Officer, Bushman Inc.

Bill Abercrombie is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bushman Inc., a Canadian environmental association which focuses on the promotion of Canadian bush living heritage through participation, education and skill development. At the helm of the organization, Mr. Abercrombie effectively utilizes his expertise in project management, sustainability, strategic planning and management, and his knowledge of environmental policies, environmental impact assessment and consulting, and natural resource management, in his efforts to raise awareness of the richness of Canadian bush living heritage. He provides sustainable solutions for wildlife management and conflict resolutions, as well. In making the most of a wealth of knowledge and experience amassed over the course of an illustrious 35-year career, Mr. Abercrombie helps people to adopt an understanding and relentless faith and foster a heartwarming and special bond with their land.

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Bill Abercrombie
President, Chief Executive Officer
Bushman Inc.
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